Like all talented winemakers, you are looking for the best way to value your premium wine and differentiate yourself. I keep repeating that the Internet is a powerful lever, providing with fast and decisive results. Sure. But to achieve this, you first must tame the web. Websites, social networks, applications, how to master the virtual world without depending on an intermediary paid at a high price?

Internet, a real nightmare?

Your know-how and your passion are to work the vineyard. Feet firmly anchored in the earth, hands weighing bunches, eyes scrutinizing the sky. So you probably thought you’d better call a professional to design a worthy of the name website.

But five years later, you’re damned disappointed. Your find your site ugly and old. The fact is that the virtual world is evolving much faster than the vines grow. You feel overwhelmed by these new technologies using an obscure jargon. I saw so many enthusiastic winemakers wasting time and thousands of euros for sites that ultimately left them unsatisfied. And after so many vain efforts, some have almost come to stay away from the web.

So, Internet, a true torment?

Why could not you be a winemaker and at the forefront on the Internet?

Why would not you become the new Instagram star?

Get inspired by the best

To be honest, a little over a year ago, I was a bit disappointed by my online presence. I was working with webmasters based in Hong Kong and watching with envy what the Chinese had been doing on the web for years. In China, the interaction between social networks, websites, applications and sales seems magical. I was truly fascinated but couldn’t get access to it as I’m not able to read Chinese!

Luckily, I met millennials, two young people aged 21 and 24 from the west coast of the United States. Thanks to them I discovered a set of incredibly simple and efficient software.

Today, I’m over 40 years of age and yet I’m able to build a site and a successful online store in one day! More importantly, I can optimize them to get a maximum of visitors and start selling the next day …

What if it was your turn?

In turn, I decided to share these powerful tools. I recommend them together with those who, upstream, allow you to structure and promote a premium wine offer.

For this I have formed a club that many winemakers have already joined. It works. New information is regularly distributed to boost sales and brand awareness. The members are delighted and even tell me not to make too much noise about it! We have the idea to open the club only on sponsorship in order to limit the access. We want to create a real emulation and welcome only ultra-enthusiastic winegrowers. Winegrowers ready to embrace this new era for the world of wine that gets created before our eyes.

How does it sound to you? Would you like a taste? Here is a link to three graphic tips to help you better sell your wine.

And if you like it (and if you’re ultra-enthusiastic), why not join us? Why not forget about your obsolete Internet tools and definitely solve the problem of your online presence? I am waiting for you!