In the vineyard, in entrepreneurship and in life in general, everything is linked to the heart. If you forget this, you’ll be ineffective. You’ll remain in inaction as well as hyperactivity. Is that paradoxical? Yes, in reality, you’ll be doing a lot of things, but absolutely nothing that you should be doing. You’ll fill your time so you can say you don’t have time to do the right thing (videos, for example!). So, how do you open your heart to put an end to inaction? Follow me, I’ll explain it all to you!

“I don’t have time”

Many professionals are overwhelmed: they take action, but always in a hurry.

Whether they work in the vineyard or in some other field, they’re all in a state of effort, anger, drive and desire, but an uncontrolled desire.

I can speak to this, because I too was in this situation a long time ago, before I opened up.

So how do we move forward?

You have to stop alternating between hyperactivity in useless tasks and inaction.

Opening your heart is the key to letting good things in, and ceasing to be influenced by bad news from outside.

The next zone: opening the heart

Once winemakers or entrepreneurs have grasped this, they are ready to enter the next zone.

When we’ve – finally – probed our hearts and listened to what they have to say.

When we are joyful and productive, everything moves forward quickly!

The will is there! We’re aligned with our values and, at last, we’re strong and active.

We produce efficiently!

vigne-brebis-nature-290x300 How to Open your Heart to end Inaction or Hyperactivity

Unblocking the emotional to enter your zone of genius

Here’s a simple, concrete example of reconnecting with nature.

A winegrower has chosen to place sheep in his vineyard for some time.

These animals make weeding much more natural.

The cycle of life, birth and death of the animals, and the care and love he lavished on them, enabled him to reconnect with this Garden of Eden.

This winegrower has rediscovered his divine role on Earth. He is once again the conductor of his vineyard, of the land for which he is responsible.

He belongs to his land as it belongs to him, and he dares to open his heart.

And he goes even further.

He also dares to talk about it, to communicate about it, showing photos of himself with his sheep in the vineyard.

He explains things first and foremost for himself. His sincerity leads others to follow him, and social networks become a sounding board, leading him to success, quite naturally.

That’s what we need right now.

In Vino Veritas becomes synonymous with this anchoring to the earth, this human sharing with open hearts and glasses to fill!

Join me in my wine club: we do extraordinary things together! You no longer have time to waste.