What’s the wine world without a direction to follow? Winegrowers, and all entrepreneurs, need reference points to know where they’re going. A clear vision of our destiny, and that of our winery, enables us to move forward. I’ve always analyzed the future of the wine world and, beyond that, the geopolitical and economic stakes involved. Indeed, I was born into a family that has been in the wine business for many generations. Thanks to my intuition, I was able to help my parents from an early age. By following my advice, they doubled their sales in just three years. Now, I put my knowledge and gift at the service of entrepreneurs.

Uniqueness, consistency and truth

With my help, winemakers become aware of what it takes to sell quality wine.

I’ve already helped over 300 winemakers reveal the soul of their wine.

In vino veritas is an adage that takes on its full meaning during my coaching sessions.

Your identity: here’s something unique that no one will take away from you.

Working on the values that make up your nectar, mastering your positioning and segmentation, this is a professional and effective way to move your company forward.

Oracle in the world of wine

Thanks to my analyses, driven by my intuition, I have often contributed to the influence of French and foreign wine.

So wherever you are, I can help you sell your wine, champagne or spirits more effectively.

I detect opportunities, and that’s how – among others – the first organic wine market in Japan, the market for wines from the South of France in Quebec and the wine market in Malaysia came into being.

But where does my ability to stay one step ahead come from?


The powerful ancestral vine reveals its secrets

Indeed, I’ve already revealed many truths to the world.

The examples are numerous: the end of Vinexpo in favor of Internet sales, the advent of the Tétrapack® for wine, the fluctuations and then stabilization of the euro, the scandals surrounding the Coronavirus and its unnatural origin, Putin’s bellicose intentions…

Quite simply, it’s thanks to the vine, whose vibrations of truth I can feel, that I can be the first to know the major trends of the future.

These vines have a powerful, age-old anchorage…

To know your future, look at your past and learn from it.

In our collapsing world, where everything is in flux and in perpetual reconstruction, futurology allows me to save time for the enlightened winemakers who listen to my advice.

For a clear vision of the future, to reinvent the world and dissolve anxiety, join us too!