I’ve been telling you what’s going to happen in the future for several years now. I was among the first to talk about the arrival of digital technology in the wine business. With all the announcements I’ve made that have turned out to be true, my identity as a futurist is recognized. As a wine identity specialist, I will now talk to you about the future of glass bottles and wine packaging in Tetrapak®.

Wine in Tetrapak®, what are the advantages?

Five years ago, with Tetrapak®, we worked on a 250 ml model adapted to wine. It worked very well.

We thought that the 0.75 liter model would arrive soon enough. We are there today!

With energy costs soaring and the costs of recycling glass bottles going through the roof… we need solutions.

I already talked about it in my article on wine in cans. It was urgent to find an eco-responsible alternative!

Putting wine in Tetrapak® is complex. There is a lot of preparation, constraints and things to think about before arriving at a satisfactory result.

We have conducted extensive consumer studies. We worked hard to achieve this feat.

The groups that have been following me for several years are now pleased to have taken this step with me and to sell wine in cardboard packs.

What is the future for glass wine bottles?

If you are worried about your exports and your sales of glass bottles in supermarkets, don’t panic.

There is still time to act. Just make an appointment with me.

How do consumers feel about Tetrapak® wine cartons?

Consumer reaction to this new packaging is excellent. They are 80% to approve it.

Customers are very enthusiastic about the 250 ml format. It’s very practical and fits in a wine glass.

But to give the nectar a little more pep, you can also simply remove the lid and drink the wine as you would a fruit juice in a carton!

The fact that it is wine gives a little rock’n’roll side, modern, refreshing and even disruptive!

This is exactly what we need right now. Especially in mass distribution!

This packaging gives an alternative aspect. And it also works with organic wines! It’s a model that is going to become established.

It is completely in the spirit of the New Wine Economy. I’m proud to say that I had already sensed this evolution 5 years ago.


Glass wine bottles: what solution for smallholders?

It is certainly more complex for some, especially the winegrowers who have small operations.

They, on the contrary, will rather go towards pretty glass bottles, more and more worked in relief and heavier.

Why is this? Simply because we are also moving towards returnable bottles!

But for larger estates, Tetrapak® will soon be a must.

Since the brand has a worldwide monopoly, you may be wondering how you can also use this increasingly important container?

I can help you!

I am being asked more and more, sometimes also by entrepreneurs who are not working in the vineyard but would like to benefit from my advice. For my part, I want to remain active with winemakers who want to make things happen and continue to progress. To stay in the race, join my community. Make an appointment now. There’s already a waiting list, so don’t delay!

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