You are a wine, champagne, or spirits professional, and you are wondering how to find contacts to sell your wine. Since March 2020, we are going through an exceptional crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a historic period. We had to adapt and use our intelligence and agility. In our small professional grapevine community, many have had to find new resources and use different means to get through it. So, what is their secret? How can we emerge victorious from the crisis and bounce back into the next world? The solution is close at hand!

A historic period for the wine planet

In March 2020, the planet – almost – stopped spinning in front of this virus that no one expected. All over the word, “non-essential” physical businesses had to close their doors for several long weeks.

With the magnitude of this crisis, we had to be smart. You too had to adapt to the new situation.

Your family also followed you, your wife or your partner was there. Without them, nothing would have progressed.

And the wine in all this, was it essential?

Yes, of course, more than ever, we needed to be together and share good things, even at a distance.

Since then, there have been ups and downs. The year 2021 has also been full of hopes and disappointments.

The coming year looks better, we hope to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But in the meantime, what can we do?

We need a permanent solution. We need to look further ahead.

Things have changed, the “old world” is gone and probably won’t come back.

A new world has emerged.

And for you, of course, what remains constant is that you have to sell your wine!

An update on the situation

Now you’d like to reach more buyers. But the wine fairs are no longer held.

You’d like to make more margin. However, to make more volume, you know you have to lower your prices.

You’re dreaming of sales meetings scheduled in advance and you would like your agenda to be regularly filled.

You want to have a multitude of contacts and meet new prospects all the time: buyers, importers and dealers. And even journalists to talk about you and your wonderful wine.

But these days, you’re demotivated.

Picking up the phone, what for? What will be the result?

To be refused or told that “it’s too expensive”, or that the person you are talking to doesn’t have time to listen to you?

Or that they’ll think about it – we all know that someone who tells you that, in reality, will probably decline your offer but they don’t want to tell you outright. So, they politely say no with this boilerplate phrase.

In short, you’d like new buyers, but how do you find quick, hard-hitting contacts?

You’d like to sell more.

And even – let’s be crazy – you’d like to sell more spending less time.

So you’re looking for solutions.

There’s the Internet. But how complicated it is for you.

It’s very time consuming and you don’t know where to start.

You’d build your own site, but you’re not familiar with computer tools.

Hire someone else to do it for you? It costs a lot of money, and you wouldn’t be able to master all the intricacies of the system.

In practice, how to find contacts to sell your wine?

In short, you want to sell, but you have no concrete solution to meet the buyers you need.

There are no more trade fairs, you can’t travel to export markets…

So how can you turn things around, get the year off to a good start or end it well?

In fact, you guessed it: all the methods of the past are no longer valid.

This is not the way to solve all the problems of the present.

We are in a new world. So, the future is the key.

The favorable outcome is in the future of the sale. This is what we call the new wine economy.

A simple method that allows you to direct the flow of customers where you want them.

It’s a subtle blend of authenticity, terroir and cutting-edge technology straight out of California.

A delicate blend between the origins and the future of the vineyard.

It can be summed up in three words: automate your prospecting.

Yes, it’s possible. Three words can change everything.

It will save you a lot of time and it will give an extraordinary notoriety to your wines, your champagnes, or your spirits.

It is a solution that you can adopt too. It is within your reach, believe me.

To find it, join us in the new wine economy.

That’s where those buyers, importers, and resellers you want to reach are.

Sunny wineyard

iD ViN supports wine professionals

My family has been in the wine business for 200 years.

On my side, I support winemakers to sell more wine with less time.

My desire is to highlight the identity of my clients’ nectars.

With my tools, we deploy the notoriety of your bottles. Success is within your reach.

I will help you reveal the soul of your wine and your soil, and you will see how much it will free you.

You have only one small action to take before the doors of success open before you. One click and everything will start.

You’ll see, it’s new, and it’s very clear.

I’ll leave you here, I’m going to find my buyers. You know where all these appointments I have to keep come from? Yes, of course, they have been scheduled in advance, automatically, for me. So, I’m waiting for you in my club so you can enjoy this wonderful way of working too. Come and join us! You will have more time to care for your vineyard and make it even more beautiful and special! What more could you ask for in this new world that awaits us? Just get in touch with me now to make an appointment!